Team Analysis

Break down barriers in performance appraisals

Challenges of performance appraisal

As a manager, you have deadlines to meet and you need to know your coders are doing a good job.
But how can you know when you’re not a coder yourself?
When less code can mean better quality?
And when the costs of poorly produced code won’t be known until down the track?

We assess code quality, and track coder activity to provide clarity for non-technical and technical managers alike for performance appraisals.

Keeping quality coders

Knowing how well your staff are performing is crucial for them and for business. Some of the challenges with software developers are that they often want to be left alone and don’t like explaining their work. They can see the long term costs of quick fixes but not have the evidence readily available to explain them. This leads to mistrust on both sides. Coders end up resigning because of poor performance appraisal.

Greater clarity on the work of coders during performance review means better understanding and more targeted feedback.

Say "good job" more often and with confidence

Dashboard features

  • Analyse major programming languages
  • From overall maintainability of code to individual contributions
  • Improvements made over time by a coder
  • Ongoing estimated cost of maintaining the code, and how to improve those costs

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