Recruitment Analysis

A breakthrough in hiring developers

What needs changing

  • You’re missing out on exceptional candidates because of poorly-designed tests or these candidates just miss your ad amongst the noise.
  • Good resumes prove candidates can write good resumes, not code.
  • Knowledge tests don’t test a candidate in a real scenario.
  • A real-world test can be time-consuming.

We’re changing the game through a new tool

Our reporting tool analyses the quality of code candidates have already created in the open source world - a very common practice of developers. No extra work for candidates. No extra work for hirers. And importantly, avoiding much of the pain of hiring.
Our reports also help candidates by giving useful feedback so they can improve their skills and stand out.

Our vision

We have a clear vision to fundamentally change the way you select software developers and to improve the experience for both candidates and hiring team.

Tool for recruiters and hiring managers

Here's how it works:

  • Search for a developer by their email address.
  • We will analyse their open source contributions.
  • We will email you a PDF report on the developer that tells you at a glance if the candidate is right, along with more detailed information if you want to drill-down.

Tool for candidates

Helping you to build an attractive code portfolio:

  • Send us your email address.
  • We will analyse your open source contributions, and can advise you if you need to build a bigger online presence.
  • We will email you a detailed PDF report on the quality of your code portfolio.


We are currently in private beta. Register your interest now by filling in the contact form and we will be in touch.

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