Project Analysis

Know more about what IT project costs

Is your code a ticking time bomb?

Code that is fit-for-purpose is crucial to avoid escalating costs. The time to find out the quality of your code is now, to avoid future costs, or be aware of the impending costs of up-scaling your software if you can’t change direction.

$980 Billion globally a year is spent on maintenance. An app that works initially will become unstable if it’s not built on strong code foundations. Bugs can pop up unexpectedly and can happen more frequently as you try to scale.

Increasingly, we’re outsourcing development, or we have non-technical managers, and for these reasons, you need to know your ROI. You may be the lucky one who got great code on the cheap—but let’s find out for sure.

Why choose Lumnify?

We don't just tell you problems with your code quality, we advise you of the solutions too, solutions that will be cheaper than the maintenance you’re accustomed to paying for.

How it works

Here's how we analyse your projects:

  • 1. You upload your codebase or link your Lumnify account to your Github or Bitbucket projects

  • 2. We benchmark your code quality and maintainability against over a million projects in the industry

  • 3. We deliver a detailed but easy to understand PDF report which tells you where you can improve

We focus on the essential metrics that help you improve your code, without getting caught up in too many technical details. And we take into account how much money, time and effort it would take for you to improve code quality so you can make the most informed decision.

Our reports

  • Provide maintainability metrics
  • Recommend how to improve quality
  • Analyse file size, complexity, and lines of code

Our guarantee

  • Improved structural quality of your software
  • Controlling maintainability of your software during its development
  • Bringing transparency to your software development process

Easy code quality management for non-tech decision makers


It can be hard to get quality code when you don’t know what that looks like.

Our reports give you a dashboard view of your software’s overall quality so you can focus more on building your business.


As an IT manager, our reports can track your code's quality throughout the development process, keeping it maintainable and compliant with your company's best practices.

You'll maximise your team's productivity, and prevent more problems getting worse. You'll make smarter decisions, and faster.

Simple to understand and reasonably priced