About Us

Making you a better informed buyer

We help you understand code and programming from a non-technical perspective. There’s a lot of variation in the quality of coding. We benchmark your software against thousands of projects, and tell you what you can do to improve quality, or whether your improvements are having an impact.

Recruitment Analysis
We can get you the right people for the job with Recruitment Analysis
Team Analysis
We help you monitor your team’s effectiveness with Team Analysis
Project Analysis
We can check the quality of software projects during and after completion with Project Analysis

Founder and CEO, Milo Hyben

Milo Hyben
Milo is a coder who knows coders - their quirks, their frustrations, and what they need to do good work. He sees coders frustrated when their work isn’t valued and he sees managers frustrated when they get poorly designed software. It’s a sometimes dysfunctional relationship that needs a go-between like Milo.

Investor and mentor, Pete Cooper

Pete Cooper
Geek. Realtime. Finance. Startups. Comp Sci+Biz (UTS). Harvard. Oxford. Rothschild. Macquarie Bank. Standard Chartered Bank. Australian Securities Exchange.